Monday, February 6, 2012

...I think it was Bruce?

It was cold here when it happened.    I had just started my first week after training and was a little concern about asking for time off for something so incredible.    It was warm where it happened, and dark and stormy and cliched. 

I can't really say, what I was thinking or doing, I was on lunch when I got the call.  Surprise! Happily Unexpected at the time, until at least I answered.  Hi! What? -the fuck? OHSHITOHSHITOHShitohshit.

Um.... Silence as through tears and confusion its taken it.   Hidden in a conference room in half abandoned 9th floor overlooking Times Square, we were almost the last to leave but that hasn't happened yet.

OKokokOKOKok just calm down.  I'll see if I can leave early, OK yeah, you too. off the phone reeling. how to say this, to someone i don't really know. I hardly believe it myself.

Hey Gary?  So um, a friend of the family died can I take off early?   Hey thanks man, yeah ok bye.  But that's not how it went.  I told the whole story, luckily it was too crazy to be taken for a lie. I managed not to freak out too much in the telling.

A fucking Jaguar ate him, a storm came and he was walking home drunk and it fucking killed him at the gate to his house and ate his fucking body!   Sure it's the jungle but it wasn't wild.  It had escaped from next door, from a cage, where it had learned that humans and food are together.  AND THEY DIDN'T TELL ANYONE. It was out for TWO FUCKING DAYS.

Sure Ok, shit happens. but what the fuck.   two days?   hours? OK with ya, days? no nonononononononononNO would I be saying this if it hadn't killed someone? If it hadn't affected me personally in some way?

I, I oh, I um...   I don't even think I met him when I was there, your friend.   Even now, a year later, I don't even know his name....