Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photos of the Book in Progress

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am working on a "poetry" series that involves erasing words from existing writings. This method of writing has always intrigued me, it is similar to the (schizophrenic) act of searching for prophesy in biblical codes.  You really do get what you are looking for, but are limited by the material available and the parameters you create.  Mine where aesthetic and based on the preexisting book structures, (a chapter must be self contained) and on a lose poetic grammar.

Here is the image of the cover.  It says He On   THE WILL  no on.  I may remove the "no on" This is fake gold leaf on a rough canvas type book cover, and was done by scraping off the extra words with a knife.

This is the first full page of text. In a kind of forward prior to Chapter One proper.  The full text and process action can be viewed in Erasure #1